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released November 1, 2016

Steven Flaherty Bone - engineering, mixing, and drums
Bob Lanzetti - guitars
Alex Molini - bass
Justin Stanton - piano
Randy Roos - mastering
Avi Gunther - lyrics, music, production, engineering, guitars, bass, and vocals

Hondo Branson - art
Catherine Hood - video content



all rights reserved


Moose Indian New York, New York

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Track Name: Evil of Evils
Evil of Evils

Picking poison is so easy
Choose the least evil least sleazy
Lick the bottles taste for liars
Taste for residues acquired
Open up to sniff the potion
Think with reason not emotion
Is one different from the other
Captain John's life undercover

You're the evil of evils

Kang or Kodos both are slavers
Same ingredients same flavors
Different colors both primary
Different lies but both are scary
Both are killers both are stealers
Both are shills and mass arms dealers
Keeping sanity is insane
Colonel Cathcart is my name
Track Name: Ode to Earl
Ode to Earl

We're going hungry in this here country
Lack of profit lack of gluttony
Have no fear; my motives are clear
I'm here to save your lives; not to profiteer
I'll take your money without your vote
Spend it where I want shove it down your throat

Taste my commodities
Without me you'd never survive
Quantity beats quality
I will fill you up until you die

The poison's gotta stay
There is no other way
That you can keep your sickly hunger away
Nothing that you can do
Ignore the catch twenty two
Your body's mine to pollute

I would never taste my own medicine
Not ill enough to demand my supply
Just be happy for our mutual win
You get it cheap and you get satisfied
God forbid you might just end up thin
Weened off the teat that you could not suck dry

Suck down this poison I made for you
Suck down this poison it's all you knew
Suck down this poison I made for you
Suck down this poison and say thank you

Unless there is some profit in food, there will be no food for people. If you want to eat well, we're going to put a little profit out there. We're going to make this industry pay. P-R-O-F-I-T. The welfare of America rests on it. Thank you.
Track Name: Everything You Wanted
Everything You Wanted

If ever you're told
To give up your gold
Whatever you hold is for you
You'll never withhold
Your labor's been controlled
Then back to you it's sold from you

Everything you wanted
Everything I can bare to think of
Has been stolen for the chance that you will stay calm quiet
Everything you wanted
Everything you need to be happy
Has been, is now, will be controlled by others

Whatever you need
Is the opposite of free
Twice for it you'll bleed for me
Your payments precede
The goods that you receive
Making slaves out of you and me - you see?

They will bleed us dry
I'm looking to get everything that's coming to me
I'm looking to get everything that's coming from you
I'm looking to get everything I ever wanted from you
Track Name: Build the Machines
Build the Machines

I want goods, goods are good
Make more shit more than we should
Let's get faster, quicker, cheaper and sell
First steel and iron, oil and flame
Now phones and TV keep us tame
And happy...this is happy, am I right? Right
I like food, food is good
Make it far from my neighborhood
I don't mind that all I do is consume - it's so easy!
All dependent packed as sardines
The world is our toilet - that's the dream
We're living like kings and queens
Give up, fools and make way for the machines

Build the machines
Build the machines for us

I like fast, fast is good
Fast as ever fast as we could
We can't stop to think of consequence now
Whatever it takes whatever we need
Feed and breed and breed and feed
This is what our God wanted for us, right? Right.
I like cheap, cheap is good
Maintains my livelihood
It's new but I am getting used to it well
No more corner mom and pop
No more small local shop
No more workers no more screams
Thanks to you, my beautiful machines

What else can we sacrifice?
What more can we utilize?
We'll never take the advice
We will someday pay the price
We'll proceed with our great machines
Track Name: Drunken Cowboy
Drunken Cowboy

It started with a dream
Of being free
We took up arms
They were ready in a minute
And the blood flowed clean
With the Lord on our side
As the victors we drew up the papers
And cried...

Take a drink!
And if you please,
Won't you refill mine?

Like a dream it was
Just for a little while
Till our numbers grew and grew
As people do,
We misconstrued,
Misunderstood the attitudes
Of dead white dudes
Who thought they proved
How to respect everyone's views
So people yelled
Half cheered, half booed
Nothing's approved
So what's the use?
I gave up and cried...

If you're so smart
Won't you tell me what to do
I have waiting
What's been taking you so long?
You'll try to tell me what is right
And I'll tell you what is wrong
My questions
My only questions for you are
Who the fuck do you think you are?!
And what the fuck you gonna do?!

Track Name: Super Intelligent Shade of the Color Blue
Super Intelligent Shade of the Color Blue

I was young
I was pretty
But I never saw them come out to sing for me
And I knew
I knew with every inch of my soul
That I was going to be divine
Come on look, you silly creatures
Look at how I stand with my head held high
No fur and no fangs making me ugly

I stared at the others
Disgusted by what I saw
That they'd be considered equals
I was absolutely appalled
They flung their shit at each other with their bare hands
I didn't know what to say but it was so clear that...

That I deserve to die
Anytime I sing out loud

And they once, and they once and they twice
Came out to play with me, just for me
So we played and we played
We played like there was no dinner time
No end in sight no way to avoid me
Some cried
Some begged
But I just couldn't see how any of them mattered to me

As their shit came raining down on me,
I said "Hey, fuck you, mother fuckers!
I'm a super intelligent shade of the color blue!"
So I took my shit in my nice clean hand and
Smeared it in their earses and noses
And it was clear that I...

What can I say to make them understand
How extra-special-fabsantatious I can be?
Like a god...Just watch me...
I am God. I am your God.
Give your lives to me. Give your souls to me,
Give your lives to me. I'm sure to set you free!
What a lie! What a fantastic brilliant lie!
I must be so super intelligent that...
Track Name: Stick Around
Stick Around

When I dream, I dream you'll follow through
I'll buy some land, a house, and things I love with you
You'll make me strong and stable make my life so sweet
Buy me peace of mind and a lot of food to eat
You've made the promise that you'll be there for me
But in this world filled with uncertainty...

I'll hope to god you'll be there when I die
I'll hope to god you'll be there when I think I can't survive
My life is in your hands, my darling
Please don't leave me dry, I'm begging you
Please stick around till I'm 62

Stick around till I'm 62
Track Name: Knitting

We've arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understand anything about science and technology. And this combustable mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces.
-Carl Sagan

Get your needles ready
Sit yourself down
Make yourself at home
Get ready to drown
My friend,
You're not free

You can choose the color
But they're choosing the brand
Tell you what you like
And create the demand
My friend,
You're not free

They're nothing but thieves
Don the cloth to believe
Don't try to fight it
Wear the wool that's provided
Turn your back on me
Turn away and you'll see
The fiction that is our lives

Just keep pulling
Just keep pulling it up right over your eyes
Make yourself feel all nice
Until all of my hope dies
Track Name: Answers

Have you not heard of that madman who lit a lantern in the bright morning hours, ran to the market-place, and cried incessantly: "I am looking for God! I am looking for God!"
As many of those who did not believe in God were standing together there, he excited considerable laughter. Have you lost him, then? Said one. Did he lose his way like a child? Said another. Or is he hiding? Is he afraid of us? Has he gone on a voyage? Or emigrated? Thus they shouted and laughed. The madman sprang into their midst and pierced them with his glances.

Show me the way
Give me the answers
Tell me the meaning
Give me the answers

He cried: God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? what water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?
-Friedrich Nietzsche
Track Name: Speeding Towards Extinction
Speeding Toward Extinction

Hear the cries and wails
Feel how unstable we stand
Smell fear rising in us all
See our world crumble

Taste our own medicine
Taste what we've made

I'm the only one who can stop it now
I'm the only one

We will try to survive
See what we can remember deep inside
Walk knee deep through lakes of blood
See if there's any high ground left for us

I'm feeling pain for the first time
I'm starving for the first time
I'm feeling desperation for the first time
I'm seeing death for the first time
I'm killing for the first time
I'm seeing me for the first time
Track Name: Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

Space, time, nothing
That's what they mean to me my love's without gravity
Place that Roman Ring onto my finger
I will give it back to you yesterday

It's like I'm superluminal
Can't nobody catch up to me
Can't nobody catch up to me

Take my hand and help me
Fold this paper like a bridge
Connecting spring time to last fall
When I was able to let you see me
If I sang to you of these strings and holes
Would you meet me in a while
Would you meet me when we were wild

It's like I'm moving faster than the speed of light.
It's like I'm catching up to its heels...
Track Name: Moment to Kill
Moment to Kill

I've got a moment to kill
One second where I could spare
A life or all life at once
Promise I'll try to be fair

When will we expire?
When will we slip away?

Each one of us is guilty
Every last one is vile
Sinning from the beginning
No way to reconcile - sorry, Francis

When will we expire?
When will we slip away?

It's the best we could do
The only good we could do

They say that no one should suffer
That supporting weakness is key
but if no one's belly went empty
We'd wipe out everything

Every seed cannot succeed
Every tree can't bear fruit
There'd be nothing but oak trees
If every acorn took root

I wish that we would expire
I wish that we'd slip away

I Want to be a Tiger

I want to be a tiger
I just want some fangs of my own
I just want the claws and the stripes and the eyes
Oh, momma, why can't I just be a tiger?

I want to be a tiger

I've tried lotions and potions and motions of fear
But none of them have gotten me near to what I desire
All they've really given me have been
boils and rashes and warts
And I'm thinking, that's gotta stop. I need help.
I've got to travel far and wide across the ocean.

So then I went to a shaman
And he told me that there's nothing I can do
About the species I've been born into
So you know what I did to him?
You know what I did to him?
I ate him like a tiger!